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REI Outdoor Store Bayshore Parkway

Veröffentlicht am 25.09.2018

REI Outdoor Store Bayshore ParkwayREI Outdoor Store Bayshore Parkway

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Im Zeitraum September bis Dezember war ich drei Monate beruflich in Kalifornien. An den Wochenende blieb zum Glück reichlich Zeit meinem Hobby nach zu gehen. Da ich diese Erinnerungen mit meinen amerikanischen Freunden Teile, habe ich mich entschlossen die Beiträge auf Englisch zu verfassen.

The destination of this trip was somewhat different. I had not forgotten that my last trip told me I needed to have some better sleeping setup than the poncho I used at the Red Wood State park campground. Lucky for me, while traveling business-wise around the bay area, I discovered REI Outdoor Store Bayshore Parkway.

storage time of 30(!) yearsstorage time of 30(!) yearsbeing prepared: bear safetybeing prepared: bear safetyThis store is really a paradise for trekking and hiking enthusiast. On two floors it reveals almost everything you need for “being prepared”. On the first floor there is a vast variety of gear the eager hiker might need – or might not need. From trekking poles to backpacks, from first aid kits to bear repelling sprays (hmm, might this be of good use around here? For sure it is forbidden in Germany, so setting it quite low on the wishlist).


I spot some trekking food that shows up with a storage time of 30(!) years. I can hardly imagine if anything non-synthetic might last that long. Knives and tools (a good knife might be a nice souvenir, and if not ot large it might be ok in Germany too), headlamps and flash lights, camping chairs, and any other stuff up to canoes.

Tool a long dogTool a long dog

Oh yes, almost forgot that I wanted to look for a better shelter option. Even in this category some options exist, but I also have to realize, that pricewise it might not be a best bargain. Looks like the customers around here tend to belong to this species of young, successful and overpaid rocket science engineers. I had to reconsider my options.


variety of dog accessoriesvariety of dog accessories

The second floor is full of clothes. Most of the brands known to me, as these are international brands (e.g. The North Face, Columbia, or Carharrt), which are also available in Germany – maybe one downside of the increasing globalization.

What caught my eye just before exiting the store was a variety of dog accessories. It's a nice idea to take the dog along on a trail. At this moment I’m missing Chester, our young labradoodle.